Just what you've been looking for.

A range of high-quality products from across the globe expertly sought out
with passion for authenticity

Just what you've been looking for.A range of high-quality products from across the globe expertly sought out
with passion for authenticity

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Your Satisfaction... Our Pride

We are a young, continuously expanding company. As a guiding principle, we only partner with international companies with a long history of supplying superior-quality products. We closely scrutinize potential partners’ record of excellence prior to engaging them. Working diligently with our best-in-class partners drives us to excel at what we do. Through the use of our comprehensive and efficient sourcing and distribution systems, we are proudly capable of reliably satisfying all requirements of food and beverages professionals.

Clear Mission... Finest Products to Your Doorsteps

Our mission is to supply our customers with the finest products offered in the international food market.
A distinguishing feature of Specialty Food Products Company in the Saudi Arabian food supply and distribution market is our continuous search for new and cutting-edge products. We source our products from renowned companies such as: ORO Caffè, Hollander, InterTee Co., Michael's Cookies, and Justbagels. Our supply chain system is thoughtfully designed to ensure a process tailored to the needs of our customers who primarily consist of upscale hotels, coffee shops, bakeries, and high-end restaurants.


Why Choose Us?

Top-Of-The-Line Products
we conduct meticulous research of the global markets to provide you with top-of-the-line products. Our international partners are carefully selected after confirming that they meet our very high and demanding quality standards.
Unparalleled Service
the high quality of our products is only matched by our outstanding services. We have put several advanced supply chain systems in place to ensure swift response to our customers’ requests and timely and safe distribution of our products
Extraordinary Capacity
to meet our customers’ expectations, we utilize a warehouse management system that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and has massive storage capacities.
Distribution System
Our advanced distribution system ensures the preservation of our finest products’ authentic flavors while en route from our partners to your doorstep.
Controlled Environment
Our custom-made storage and delivery vehicles guarantee the high quality of our products. This enables us to combine delivery of different products in a single order.
Product Safety
We continuously monitor and implement the best-in-class quality control procedures to ensure you only receive the finest products offered in the market.





“We’re obsessed with flavor. We’re also obsessed with discovering fine-flavor beans and crafting couverture chocolate that provides you with the tools to craft perfection. The art of chocolate making begins on the farm, cultivates in our factory and continues once it arrives in your kitchens. Celebrate the art of chocolate making. Hand-selected beans, generations-old techniques and traditional recipes combined with close relationships with farmers, innovative craftsmanship and novel formulas. It’s all part of the journey to deliver an American-made premium line of single origin and blended chocolate so you can take your desserts to the next level. Chocolate for experts, by experts.”

Michael's Cookies

Founded in 1987, Michael's Cookies provides ready-to-bake cookie dough to elite purveyors throughout the US. Why cookies? If you ask Michael, the founder, he'll explain how cookies are the perfect comfort food, helping customers recall fond childhood memories.
With its superior selection of all-natural, certified kosher ingredients, wide variety of flavors, advanced packaging and high emphasis on customer satisfaction, Michael's is the cookie of choice among discriminating gourmet chefs.

Oro Caffè

For over 27 years we have been selecting, roasting and blending the world’s best coffees, with the same care and artisan precision that only the best jewels deserve. What has always characterised ORO Caffè is its careful research and selection, as well as the attention paid to generating special coffee blends. We have always chosen coffees that have achieved the highest appraisals, whatever their origin.
All our selected coffees are harvested in their countries of origin, with the traditional handpicking method: yes, one bean after another. Our coffee varieties are roasted one by one, to obtain the correct degree of roasting. Generally speaking, roasting profiles demand clear and sweet roasts for Arabica, so that the delicate aromas characterising them are not altered. Robusta type coffees, instead, require a darker roasting to limit their woody features.



The founder Michael Rubin created the Original Cappuccine Frappe mix in 1991, USA. Not satisfied with cold beverages served in coffeehouses, Michael saw untapped market potential for a super premium, powdered frappe mix for blenders. His motivation then, as it is now, was to capture the bold coffeehouse flavors of authentic mochas and lattes in a refreshing blended beverage. And the rest is history.

Today, these irresistible drinks could not be more popular and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising passion for quality.

Just Bagels

We at Just Bagels take pride in our commitment to quality. Our old fashioned water bagels are kettle boiled daily using the finest ingredients providing you with the ultimate bagel, crunchy on the outside, yet chewy on the inside. That's what you'll get from JUST BAGELS.
Just Bagels are made in the Bronx New York and are 100% natural, they are being distributed at the finest restaurants, hotels, retail stores in more than 50 states and growing.